Electromagnetics, Electrostatics

The Mechanisms Section has provided a continuous support to industry for many years in order to improve the competitiveness of electric motor suppliers in Europe. Several activities have been initiated or will be started soon to enlarge the catalogue of space qualified European electric motors. Special attention is given to the harmonisation process.

In this context, the Mechanisms Section has developed the capabilities to perform modelling and simulation of electromagnetic systems for use in the relevant components and sub-assemblies.

The goal of these in-house activities is to provide a complementary service to industry and ESA project teams for the design, optimisation and verification of critical electromechanical hardware.

The software used to perform the analyses are:

  • FLUX®: developed by the French company CEDRAT, this commercial software is more and more used by European industries
  • MAXWELL® (by Ansoft/Ansys): is the worldwide leading electromagnetic field simulation software used for the design and analysis of 3D/2D structures.
  • FEMM: open source software for 2D problems, solution only

These software capabilities allow the Mechanisms Section to perform multi-domain co-simulations for a wide range of different applications such as:

  • 2D and 3D problems
  • Static and transient analyses
  • coupling with mechanical (rotating and translating) motion
  • coupling with external electrical circuits
  • Solution of electric field problems
  • coupling with external mechanical loads
  • interface with MATLAB®/Simulink®

Last update: 7 May 2014

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