Mechanisms standard

The reference standard for the design and verification of mechanisms is ECSS-E-ST-33-01C, 6th March 2009.

Scope of the standard: This Standard specifies the requirements applicable to the concept definition, design, analysis, development, production, test verification and in-orbit operation of space mechanisms on spacecraft and payloads in order to meet the mission performance requirements.

The standard has not been produced with the objective to cover also the requirements for mechanisms on launchers. Applicability of the requirements to launcher mechanisms is a decision left to the individual launcher project. Requirements in this Standard are defined in terms of what shall be accomplished, rather than in terms of how to organise and perform the necessary work. This allows existing organizational structures and methods to be applied where they are effective.

The standard may be obtained from

Further mechanism standards and guidelines under preparation are:

  • Space Tribology Handbook
  • Design & Verfification Guidlines
  • Liquid lubrication of Bearing Cages
  • A Tribometer Users Guide for Space Applications
  • Design standards for space electric motors

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