NEO institutions

Research groups and other organizations working on NEOs:

  • Spaceguard Foundation

  • NEODyS (Near Earth Objects Dynamic Site) of the University of Pisa

  • NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office site at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  • EARN (European Asteroid Research Node), an informal association of European research

  • The MPC (Minor Planet Center), responsible for the collection and dissemination of astrometric observations and orbits for minor planets and comets on behalf of the IAU (International Astronomical Union)

  • The Asteroid Radar Research of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  • The CSS (Catalina Sky Survey), providing observations and follow-up of NEO discoveries

  • EUNEASO (European NEO Search, Follow-up and Physical Observation Programme), a cooperation between European institutes

  • LINEAR, a near-Earth object discovery facility at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory

  • LONEOS (Lowell Observatory Near-Earth Object Search), a system designed to find Earth-crossing asteroids and comets.

  • NEAT (Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking), an automated search for near-Earth asteroids and comets

  • The Spacewatch Project is a semi-automated system for the discovery of Near-Earth asteroids.

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