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The Spaceguard Central Node (SCN), hosted by ESA at ESRIN (Frascati, Italy) is a web site of The Spaceguard Foundation, an international private association officially set-up in 1996, aimed at the study of NEOs (asteroids and comets coming near the Earth), and at the protection of the Earth environment against the risk of impact. Since 2002, the SCN is supporting ESA’s Science Programme in all issues related to NEOs.

The scientific purposes of the Spaceguard Foundation are:

  • to promote and co-ordinate activities for the discovery, pursuit (follow-up) and orbital calculation of NEOs at an international level
  • to promote study activities - at theoretical, observational and experimental levels - of the physical-mineralogical characteristics of the minor bodies in the solar system
  • to promote and co-ordinate a ground network (the Spaceguard System), backed up by a possible satellite network, for discovery, observation and astrometric and physical follow-up of NEOs

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