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On this page you will find general information as well as links to publications related to On-board Data Processing. The links to the right are ordered chronologically, most recent papers listed first. In the categories below you will find short descriptions of the available papers as well as standardized citations.

Avionics Architectures, Ongoing Processing Platform Developments

R. Trautner et al.,"Avionics Architectures and Components for Planetary Entry Probe Payloads and Systems", IPPW6, Altanta, 2008

provides an overview of architecture concepts, components, networks and interfaces, and IP elements relevant for planetary probe payloads and systems.

R. Trautner, R. Vitulli, "Ongoing Developments of Future Payload Data Processing Platforms at ESA ", OBPDC, Toulouse, 2010

provides an overview of ongoing Payload Data Processing Platform developments, including requirements from different mission categories, development status and schedule.

R. Trautner, "ESA's Roadmap for Next Generation Payload Data Processors", DASIA, Malta, 2011

provides an overview of ongoing payload data processor developments, and related technologies, development status and schedule.

Interfaces and Networks

J. Ilstad, M. Suess, "Low-Mass SpaceWire", ISC, St. Petersburg, 2010

provides an overview and latest results of ESA funded activities aiming at the reduction of SpaceWire harness mass.

R. Vitulli, "TopNet Evolution", ISC, St. Petersburg, 2010

ESA conducted a Virtual Spacecraft Integration pilot study involving spacecraft and equipment manufacturers in different countries across Europe. A SpaceWire Internet Tunnel device was used with remotely integrated components. In the paper, the outcome of the pilot study is presented.

Modules, Units, Systems

F. Bubenhagen et al.,"Enhanced Dynamic Reconfigurable Processing Module for Future Space Applications", ISC, St. Petersburg, 2010

provides information on the concept as well as verification results on an FPGA based reconfigurable SoC using an on-chip pedant of SpW.

G. Montano et al.,"Dynamically Reconfigurable Processing Module for Future Space Applications", ISC, St. Petersburg, 2010

describes a DRPM designed to meet the on-board processing requirements of a wide variety of single or multiple instrument payloads in science and Earth observation spacecraft missions.

Devices and Components

K. Walters et al,"Multicore SoC for On-board Payload Signal Processing", submitted for ICC, Kyoto, 2011 (link available soon)

presents architecture, performances, and other aspects of a novel inhomogenous NoC based multicore system which might form the basis for a future space qualified ASIC.


M. Cabral et al.,"Efficient Data Compression for spacecraft including Planetary Probes", IPP7, Barcelona, 2010

introduces efficient standardized data compression algorithms as well as data preprocessing techniques and available tools for evaluation of algorithms.

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