Ever since the public release of the SpaceWire Standard in 2003, a large number of both European and non-European space missions have implemented SpaceWire as part of their onboard high speed network. The benefit of using SpaceWire is that it simplifies the interconnection of sensors, mass-memories, processing units and telemetry sub-systems, while offering high performance at low power.

In order to facilitate developers in implementing SpaceWire, the ESA strategy has been to stimulate development of SpaceWire EGSE equipment, SpaceWire IP-cores and general ASIC building blocks that constitute a typical SpaceWire network and make these available as standard products. At present the equipment and components to facilitate developments of SpaceWire enabled onboard units, are available from many European and international suppliers. In addition, licenses for SpaceWire CoDec IP cores can be obtained from the Microelectronic section of the European Space Technology Center.

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Last update: 21 March 2018

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