Entry 11: Putting Proba-2 to the test

Proba-2 final full functional test

Saturday 12th September – After three very intensive days in the clean room the focus of activity moves next door. The now fully-integrated spacecraft undergoes full functional testing performed from the EGSE room beside it. This will be the last full functional test of this Proba-2 launch campaign phase, and it keeps the team busy for the entire day.

In fact activities continue at full throttle throughout the day, and without a single break! Testing of the entire system is performed afresh after the mechanical activities of recent days. Then full functionality testing of all payloads and technology demonstration units follows.

When it is finally time to depart from the integration facility back to Mirny the team’s satisfaction is enormous. Everything turns out to be working perfectly, and the evening is a time of celebration.

Last update: 15 September 2009

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