Entry 4: Proba-2 unloaded and ready for inspection

Opening of the Proba-2 satellite container in the cleanroom

5 September 2009 – Another day of unpacking. The team splits into two: one half prepares the clean room for the satellite while the other readies the electrical ground support equipment (EGSE) test room. Thanks to some creative packing the team had managed to squeeze all the test equipment required into the space left over by the flight's main passenger.

Due to the very clean conditions of the clean room – despite all the moving activities of the previous day – the team were able to open the spacecraft container ahead of schedule. By 17:00 the spacecraft had been unloaded and placed upon its integration table.

Seeing Proba-2 in its final resting place before heading into space represented a very exciting moment after years of hard work. The perfect conclusion to a hectic but fulfilling day.

Last update: 9 September 2009

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