Entry 5: Proba-2 powered up

Hoisting of satellite from its container and assembly of integration dolly

6 September 2009 – The 45-minute bus ride to the MIK is a last chance to grab some rest before the work day begins in earnest.

In the clean room activities proceed with a successful inspection of the spacecraft's solar arrays, checking the health of its battery and preparing for propellant filling. In the meantime in the EGSE chamber preparations take place for powering up and full functional testing of the spacecraft.

At 11:30 comes an exciting moment: the first power up of Proba-2 after the long trip from its homeland. After nominal boot-up of the onboard computer, the rest of the day is spent verifying the full functionality of each and every electronic unit of the platform. The team is pleased to find that their 'baby' Proba-2 is now not only safe in Russia but also alive and kicking.

Last update: 9 September 2009

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