Entry 6: End-to-end testing

Inspection of Proba-2 internal compartments

Monday 7 September - After the successful power up of the spacecraft the previous day, the team are busily testing of each and every element of the Proba-2 system.

These verification activities also include dedicated final end-to-end system verification using the complete radio frequency chain. In the meanwhile, in the clean room, preparation for the filling of Proba-2 experimental propulsion system is taking place. A thorough inspection of the spacecraft’s inner compartments is also performed before the final closure with its outer panels.

Proba-2 team in front of the ‘Mirny’ monument
Proba-2 team in front of the ‘Mirny’ monument

The working atmosphere with the Russians has now become excellent, and very relaxed. Europeans and Russians have become well acquainted with each other’s habits and they feel real sympathy for little Proba-2 and its 'little' launch team…

During the team's drive back to the hotel, each and every monument along the road seems to bring the heroic past of Plesetsk Cosmodrome back to life, inspiring a stop for a group photo.

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