Space landmark

ESTEC personnel walk past ERS-1 model
5 September 2013

ESTEC personnel stroll past a life-size model of ESA’s ERS-1 Earth observation satellite, located near the establishment’s entrance. Launched back in 1991, this pioneering European radar mission is only one of dozens developed here.

Formally the European Space Research and Technology Centre, ESTEC is located in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. This is the single largest ESA establishment with around 2700 employees. The home of ESA’s Directorate of Technical and Quality Management and the largest satellite-testing centre in Europe, ESTEC is the technical heart of the Agency.

Just over a month from now comes your chance to tour this sprawling site for yourself: Sunday 6 October is ESTEC Open Day, when its doors are thrown open to the general public.

Visitors can register through this link:

Because we are obliged to limit the total number of visitors, to ensure a great experience for all who do attend, we urge you to book early to avoid disappointment. Meanwhile, take a peek at our ESTEC slideshow.

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