Space Technology Transfer Initiatives

Helping entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground

Since it began operating the Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) has started several special initiatives – all of which have been aimed at transferring space technologies to non-space sectors.

Information on some of the key initiatives is given below.

ESA Business Incubation

ESA Business Incubation is one of the major initiatives of the TTPO. It first began in 2003 to help entrepreneurs with ideas involving the creative use of space technology or systems in non-space sectors.

ESA Business Incubation assists start-up companies to get their business off the ground by providing funding and business development assistance. Read more under ‘Business with the Incubator’.
Read more under ‘Business with the Incubator’.

Open call for technology transfer

TTPO is working towards establishing an open call for technology transfer proposals, where ideas for technology transfer can be submitted at any time.

ESA Health Care Network

Advances in health care technology through space programmes

The ESA Health Care Network (EHCN) was officially launched in early 2004 to develop, promote and commercialise solutions for health care and wellbeing derived from space research and development.

The network’s prime target is the service sector and industries working in the growing market of wellness and preventive medicine. The network will collaborate with European institutions, industries and service providers to use science and technology to improve health and the quality of life here on Earth.

Harsh Environment Initiative

Space radar to spot weakness in mine tunnels

In 1997 the ESA TTPO established a Harsh Environment Initiative (HEI) whereby technologies specifically developed for the harsh environment of space were transferred and applied to the oil and gas industries and the mining sector which also operate in remote and harsh environments.

The fundamental goals of the initiative are to promote the transfer of space technology to non-space applications, and to foster international cooperation among companies and institutions in Member States to achieve this goal. A measurable goal is the establishment of partnerships, where research institutions or organizations establish close working links with both space donors and industry to solve specific technical challenges.

Last update: 6 February 2009

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