National Technology Transfer Initiatives

ESA's Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) supports technology transfer initiatives in certain ESA Member States through the National Technology Transfer Network Initiative (NTTI).

National initiatives focus on their respective countries and facilitate transfers by matching requests for specialised technologies from the national non-space sector with technology descriptions provided by the national space industry. The NTTI also addresses the need for funding and other support and may involve local companies to provide this.

The technology brokers, part of the Technology Transfer Network (TTN), are the contact point between TTPO and the national initiatives.

Technology transfer process through a national initiative
Technology transfer process through a national initiative

Currently, TTPO is cooperating with the following national technology transfer initiatives through NTTI:

  • The Belgian Space Technology Platform
    Contact: Créaction International
    The Belgian Platform for technology transfer identifies companies willing to launch products incorporating space technologies and helps non-space companies to redefine their strategy in such a way that their products and services can include space-developed expertise in the future.
    It also focuses on increasing awareness of space-developed technologies in industrial and academic environments.

  • Space Technology Transfer Portugal
    Contact: INOVA+
    The Portuguese Technology Transfer Programme (PTTP) has as main objective the promotion of the ESA’s technology transfer activities in Portugal, following two approaches: first to scan for technology needs from industry and second to identify and screen innovative space technologies in academia, to be launched in ESA's Technology Transfer Network. INOVA+ in Oporto is the contact point for PTTP and actively collaborates with almost all Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) in Portuguese Universities, assisting as technology broker in the various technology transfer process phases. The privileged contacts with all the TTO’s and research and development (R&D) centres in Portugal and around Europe enables INOVA+ to access a large and consolidated portfolio of R&D results and technologies in all research fields. The company has also consolidated experience in dealing with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and industry technology needs and research.

  • Space Technology Transfer Norway
    Contact: IRIS
    The technology transfer activity in Norway has been assigned to International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS), an independent institute conducting research within petroleum, energy, bioenvironmental and social sciences as well as innovation and business development. The Norwegian petroleum and energy technology cluster which provides leading edge solutions to a global market, is a natural target area for ESA technology exchange, however the scope includes the full range of industries in Norway. In order to reach candidate technology partners throughout the nation's long stretched geography, IRIS will also liaise with established innovation and technology networks (e.g. Enterprise Europe Network, NCE, Arena) and the organizations of Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Space Centre.

  • Austrian Technology Transfer Programme
    Contact: Brimatech
    The Austrian Technology Transfer Programme (ATTP) is set-up to facilitate the transfer of space technologies and services to the non-space industry, with the main objective to strengthen the Austrian industry, including high-tech small and medium-sized enterprises to benefit from the innovation potential from transfers of existing space technology. The Austrian company Brimatech Services located in Vienna is managing the ATTP and is the contact point for this activity.

Last update: 31 August 2011

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