Partners and Network

ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) collaborates with a number of partners, networks and activities to promote spin-offs from space technology:

  • Technology Transfer Network (TTN), managed by UK company Satellite Applications Catapult (UK), is a network of technology brokers working to assess the market needs in areas where there is potential for the exploitation of space technologies,
  • Technology Transfer Forum is an online market place oriented towards innovative space technology,
  • Triangle Venture Capital Group manages the Open Sky Technologies Fund focusing on seed capital investments, start-ups and early-stage growth capital for companies using space-related technologies or satellite applications in non-space applications,
  • French Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) supports industry and in particular small and medium sized enterprises in the transfer of technology, software and expertise conceived and developed with its partners for space programmes,
  • European BIC Network (EBN) is a network of 160 Business Innovation Centres in 21 European countries,
  • Europe INNOVA is an initiative for innovation professionals supported by the European Commission,
  • TNO is a Dutch knowledge institution which aims to strengthen the innovative power of industry and government,
  • BIC Lazio is a regional development agency that assists start-up companies to grow and local public offices to make better economic development plans,
  • Centrum für Satellitennavigation Hessen (CESAH) is a communication centre for satellite navigation applications in the German region of Hessen,
  • European Satellite Navigation Competition is an idea competition on innovative applications using satellite navigation data, focusing especially on the new Galileo Navigation System,
  • European Space Incubators Network (ESINET) is managed by the European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) and the leading European network of incubators focusing – wholly or partially – on space related technologies,
  • Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is a key instrument in the EU's strategy to boost growth and jobs. Bringing together close to 600 business support organisations from 50 countries, EEN helps small companies seize the unparalleled business opportunities in the EU Single Market.
  • Eurisy - acting collectively to bridge space and society - is a European non-profit association of over 30 governmental space offices and space agencies, international organisations, research institutions, and private businesses involved or interested in space-related activities.

Last update: 11 February 2016

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