Technology Transfer Network

ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) uses a network of technology brokers to assess the market needs in areas where there is a potential for exploitation of space technologies.

The network hosts in addition the database of the Technology Forum online market place where requests for technologies are matched with available space technologies.

ESA Technology Transfer Network

The Technology Transfer Network (TTN) consists of brokers across Europe who are working to identify novel uses for technology that has been developed as part of the ESA space programme. They are also interested in identifying technologies in other sectors that could benefit the exploration and utilisation of Space.

More information on individual brokers in the network can be found below:


ESA Technology Transfer Network (TTN) can be contacted either:

  • directly to the TTN brokers - contact details here - or at:
  • ESA's Technology Transfer Programme Office
    European Space Agency - ESTEC
    PO Box 299
    2200 AG Noordwijk
    The Netherlands

    phone: +31 (0)71 565 6208
    fax: +31 (0)71 565 6635

Last update: 4 November 2014

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