Space for Business 2010/2

ESA's Technology Transfer Programme Newsletter"> Space for Business 2010/2

ESA's Technology Transfer Programme Newsletter"/>

Space for Business 2010/2

ESA's Technology Transfer Programme Newsletter

Newsletter - 2010 no. 2

Our newsletter is a half-yearly publication presenting the latest news on commercialisation and spin-offs from space.

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Space technology for better training results

Athletes like to monitor their physical activity in real time and to record and archive it for later analysis of progress. However, most of today’s monitoring aids for athletes, even the high-end ones, are very inaccurate and record so few parameters that both professional and amateur athletes continue to use pencil and paper to track their training.

The TrainGrid system, developed by Spanish company emxys with the help of the ESA Incubation Centre Noordwijk, provides the ultimate tools to monitor several body parameters while training, review them in real time and store or readily share training sessions with partners or coaches.

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The sky is the limit for space-tech start-ups

As a result of ESA’s initiative, the Open Sky Technologies Fund was established in order to provide funding for high-tech start-up companies whose business ideas are based on space technologies or services that are applied to a completely different business field.

This fund, with a final planned volume of 100 Million Euro, is managed by Triangle Venture Capital Group, a German company specialised in managing, advising and financing early-stage high technology companies.

Interview with Bernd Geiger, Managing General Partner at Triangle.

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Re-launch of ESA Business Incubation Centre Noordwijk

More than 250 space business representatives attended the launch of the ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Noordwijk end of April this year.

ESA’s Director General, Jean-Jacques Dordain, Dutch minister of Economic Affairs, Maria van der Hoeven and Dutch ESA Astronaut Andre Kuipers were thrilled by the launch.

Van der Hoeven stressed that “the usefulness of space is gigantic. We can apply information coming from space to the areas of agriculture, environment, traffic, navigation, security. In short: there is something in it for everyone”. Dordain underlined that the ESA BICs deliver serious business: “You cannot force innovation, but you can optimise conditions for it to flourish.”

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Satellite navigation steers remote sensing innovation ‘Micro Air Vehicles’

Remote sensing start-up MAVinci, member of ESA’s Business Incubation Centre Darmstadt, launched two product prototypes at the International Disaster and Risk Conference in Davos in June.

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Brief news

Taking space and energy to the next level

The space and offshore industries both require top-notch technology solutions to operate in extreme environments. In order to foster cooperation as well as knowledge and technology transfer between these two high-tech industries, ESA is supporting the conference
'Think outside the planet – taking space and energy to the next level'. Partners include Statoil and the Norwegian Space Agency.
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Kick-starting young, space-tech based companies

Due to high demand, the ESA Investment Forum (EIF) is going into its second round of the year 2010. The second 2010 edition of the EIF will be taking place in Milan, Italy on the 5 October. Its goal is to foster investment and partnership opportunities by bringing start-up companies using space technology, applications or services in a non-space environment, together with finance and investment communities while highlighting the business potential of such blends.
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