Success Story: Carbon Hero - tracks your carbon footprint

Carbon Hero, a key ring sensor displays the carbon footprint on a mobile phone
9 May 2008

Carbon Hero makes people aware of their carbon footprint – and can help reduce global warming. The regional prize winner for Prague in the 2007 European Satellite Navigation Competition, Carbon Hero uses satellite navigation technology to track journeys. The company of inventor Andreas Zachariah and IT expert Nick Burch recently joined the ESTEC business incubator.

Concerned about global warming, many people are now looking for ways to reduce their generation of carbon dioxide. Carbon Hero uses a key-ring sensor to display the carbon footprint of a traveller on a mobile phone. The easy-to-use system relies on satellite navigation data to calculate the environmental impact of travel. With its specialist database and algorithm, it can determine the mode of transport and its environmental impact with almost no user input.

Andreas Zachariah and Nick Burch
Andreas Zachariah and Nick Burch

The system brings a stunning educational effect by making you aware of the environmental impact of different types of transport - whether by train, plane, bike or by foot - it allows users to easily compare one kind of travel with another and calculate the environmental benefits daily, weekly and monthly.

Carbon Hero also provides a useful tool for environmental reporting of companies by documenting CO2 emissions from business travel. Carbon Hero has filed for a patent and the application has been successfully tested.

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