What applications and missions does Data Systems enable?

ESA has actively fostered the evolution of high-performance radiation-hardened integrated circuits during the last two decades. Three generation of the resulting microprocessors are serving in numerous spacecraft, with the fourth generation AT697 LEON microprocessor being premiered aboard ESA's Proba-2 technology demonstrator satellite.

Developed by the Agency in conjunction with specialist companies, the LEON offers a fivefold increase in performance despite being three times smaller. Also under development are supporting components and subunits, as well as new software taking advantage of this increased functionality to boost onboard satellite autonomy.

Data Systems play a key role in the feasibility of many missions. Requirements in terms of processing performance, storage capacity and communication speed are constantly increasing as it is commonly perceived for ground based computers. In addition and due to their inherent flexibility, Data Systems will host more and more challenging concepts such as in-flight adaptive and intelligent agents.

Last update: 29 September 2009

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