What innovations does Data Systems involve?


Anticipating the growing trend of ever more complex satellite payloads, ESA has initiated developments to increase onboard intelligence and autonomy for advanced Earth observation, space science and exploration missions.

Also being researched are technologies and techniques for increased onboard data processing and high capacity data storage such as high-speed data links and networks employing the SpaceWire standardisation, plus enhanced microprocessors.

In order to decrease the electrical harness mass and complexity, significant efforts are being deployed for the development of digital buses and sensor networks. Very innovative techniques such as wireless links are considered as well in this context.

Last but not least and taking as an example USB memory sticks or memory cards used in our digital cameras, most attention is being devoted to make best use of advanced technologies such as flash based non-volatile memory devices. This will allow to build flight-worthy solid state mass memory units with unprecedented capacity while staying very compact.

Last update: 16 September 2009

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