What innovations does Structures and Mechanisms involve?

Inflatable boom deployment

The division carries out structural configuration studies and structural design for all new space hardware – launchers, manned and unmanned spacecraft, payloads, equipment, instruments and launcher-spacecraft structural interfaces. The work includes consideration of material properties such as strength, stiffness and conductivity.

Also performed is the design and analysis of innovative special-purpose structures such as antennas, lightweight mirrors, protective shields, lightweight deployable and inflatable structures, high stability or high- or low- temperatures. Techniques are defined and developed to suppress vibrations and jitter.

On the mechanisms side, areas of research include the performance of mechanical systems at cryogenic and hot temperatures, mechanical elements for launchers and re-entry vehicles as well as robotics and planetary exploration tools. Design and engineering standards for space mechanisms are also established and promoted.

Last update: 5 October 2009

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