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Markus Bauer
ESA Science and Robotic Exploration Communication Officer
Tel: +31 71 565 6799
Mob: +31 61 594 3 954

Enrico Bozzo
ISDC Data Centre for Astrophysics
University of Geneva, Switzerland
Tel: +41 22 37 92158

Norbert Schartel
ESA XMM-Newton Project Scientist
Tel: +34 91 8131 184

Notes to editors

IGR J18410-0535 belongs to the class of star called Supergiant Fast X-Ray Transients, which were discovered by ESA’s INTEGRAL spacecraft in 2005.

Bozzo, E., et al., “XMM-Newton observations of IGR J18410-0535: the ingestion of a clump by a supergiant fast X-ray transient”, will be published in a forthcoming edition of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

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