Enter SOHO's 1000th comet contest

Comet Hyakutake
Comet Hyakutake as imaged by LASCO
27 January 2005

If you can predict the date and time that SOHO spots its 1000th comet grazing the Sun, then a package of SOHO goodies could be yours!

The LASCO coronagraph on SOHO has become the most prolific 'discoverer' of comets in the history of astronomy.

More than 75% of the discoveries have come from amateur comet hunters around the world, watching these freely available SOHO images on the internet. So, anyone with internet access can take part in the hunt for new comets and be a 'comet discoverer'!

If you predict the date and time that the 1000th comet - yet to be discovered by SOHO - will make its closest approach to the Sun, you could win a first prize that will include the SolarMax DVD, a SOHO T-shirt, solar-viewing glasses and a selection of SOHO materials. Second and third place entries will receive the same package without the DVD. Click here to enter contest.

SOHO is a mission of international co-operation between ESA and NASA, launched on 2 December 1995. Every day SOHO sends thrilling images from which research scientists learn about the Sun's nature and behaviour. Experts around the world use SOHO images and data to help them predict 'space weather' events affecting our planet.

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