Going somewhere or doing something

8 October 2003

Many people ask us, what spacecraft are actually 'up there' now?

"What's up?" is a summary of ESA's Science missions in operation, whether they are on the way to Mars or in Earth orbit - going somewhere or doing something.

Currently there are nine ESA Science missions in progress, ranging from studying alien worlds, such as Venus, Mars or Saturn’s moon Titan, to looking at the origin of the Universe itself.

Basically, our space science missions are trying to answer the ultimate questions…

- How did our Earth and our Solar System evolve?
- Where are we in the Universe?
- Where are we going?
- Where did life come from, and are we alone?

Currently Huygens, Mars Express and SMART-1 are en route to moons and planets in our Solar System.

The SOHO, Ulysses and Cluster missions are ESA’s contribution to our understanding of the Sun, which helps to maintain our world’s temperature, but it also produces a magnetic field that shields our world from deadly cosmic rays coming from the far depths of space.

The Hubble Space Telescope, XMM-Newton and Integral are orbiting the Earth but they are looking deep into the violent Universe.

So click on "What's up?" to see what's up!

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