Agent Bacon and Ariane 5

10 March 2005

Launchers for kids now has a new animation: Agent Bacon and Ariane 5. A great fun way of explaining to children – and grown-ups – what an Ariane 5 launcher is used for and how it works.

This interactive animation was created by the award-winning team from Planet Nemo together with ESA and is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch and Italian. Planet Nemo are the team responsible for the online interactive magazine where young children with their families can learn more about the world they live in through games, quizzes, art, hobbies and animations.

Subscribers to Planet Nemo will already be familiar with Agent Bacon and the three instruments he uses: the maximixer, x-rays specs and chronologex. In the Ariane 5 animation these allow him to explain why we have satellites, why there is a spaceport in French Guiana, how a launcher is put together, what is inside and what happens after launch. At the end there is also a fun quiz about the Ariane 5.

As Agent Bacon would say, the interactive animation is “truly incredible” and great fun for all the family.

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