ESA at Europe’s Spaceport

Ariane 5 ready for launch
Flight 162 ready for launch

ESA maintains a small team at the Spaceport to act as its representative in French Guiana.

At the Spaceport, ESA is the owner of the launch infrastructure for the Ariane 5, Vega and Soyuz launchers. This includes launcher and satellite preparation buildings, launch operation facilities and the launcher production facilities for the Ariane 5 solid propellant boosters that are largely manufactured and integrated at the spaceport.

ESA finances two thirds of the fixed costs of the Spaceport and contributes to the funding of the launch sites.

As well as representing the Agency and its Member States at the Spaceport, the ESA office is also responsible for:

  • monitoring the implementation of the contract between ESA and CNES for the running of the Spaceport;
  • participating in strategic decision-making processes, particularly those concerned with planning, industrial policy and public relations;
  • monitoring the participation of European industry;
  • hosting VIPs, government delagations and other ESA guests visiting the site;
  • ensuring that the European dimension of the centre is highlighted.
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