Flight 146 a success

Countdown to launch
Countdown to launch
27 November 2001

In the early hours of this morning Flight 146 blasted off into the skies of Kourou, the site of Europe’s spaceport. On board the Ariane-4 launcher was the Direct-4S telecommunications satellite tailored to offer viewers in the United States a wide choice of local TV channels.

The flight campaign for this, the 107th Ariane-4 launch, began on 26 October with the erection of the first stage of the Ariane 44 LP launcher. This version has two solid-propellant and two liquid-propellant strap-on boosters to provide the power needed to launch the Direct-4s satellite, made by Boeing Satellite Systems, into geostationary orbit.

Ariane-4 Flight 146 liftoff
Flight 146 liftoff

Only a lucky few are able to watch a launch in person but for those of us unable to visit Europe’s spaceport in French Guiana, the next best thing is to visit ESA’s Launchers website. Follow the interactive story and watch a liftoff, find out about a launch campaign, try to construct a launcher and learn all about Europe’s role in making the renowned Ariane launchers.

Check out the Launcher’s site to find out when the next launch will take place and to see the graphics, illustrations and text that tell you everything - almost - you want to know about launchers and Europe’s spaceport.

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