All about Alphasat

27 May 2013

Launch day is fast approaching for Europe’s largest telecommunications satellite, Alphasat. Together with its high-power platform, Alphabus, the satellite is currently making the final preparations for its journey to space.

A truly European initiative

Scheduled for launch on 25 July from Kourou on an Ariane 5 ECA, Alphasat is the result of a public–private partnership between ESA and UK operator Inmarsat. The satellite, its platform Alphabus and the four hosted payloads represent the biggest partnership between public entities and industry yet, and involve more than a dozen space agencies and commercial companies from all over Europe.

Preparing for a launch is a massive undertaking, and a new, dedicated site is following the progress in detail. Keep checking back for in-depth articles, animations, pictures and the very latest updates, as a satellite the size of a double-decker bus prepares to be launched into orbit.

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