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Satellites can widen access to electronic communication services
Satellites can widen access to electronic communication services
22 January 2004

ESA Telecom of the European Space Agency have set up a resource of background information and news on current activities to describe how space-based technologies can help bridge the 'digital divide'.

The site shows how satellites, thanks to their global coverage, are being used to widen access to electronic communications services around Europe and beyond.

Research and development activities covering both satellite systems and ground equipment are currently under way with a view to optimising the space infrastructures for new services and significant cost reductions.

Extending access to electronic communication services to everyone, notably in those regions of our continent and under-developed regions of the world which up until now have been disadvantaged or neglected are a major objective.

Equal access to the latest information technologies will spell improved services - in terms of public health (telemedicine), education, the spread of the internet - and will encourage fruitful exchanges and economic development.

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