Industrial participation

ARTEMIS - Artist's impression
Artemis - artist's impression

Some of the best brains in Europe are behind the development of Artemis. ESA has driven the vision of a multi-functional satellite to explore new avenues in telecommunications and data relay, and the Italian-based company, Alenia Spazio has been at the forefront of its creation.

The Creators and the Makers

As prime contractor for Artemis, Alenia Spazio built the satellite's three-axis stabilised multimission platform, as well as the thermal control system and the various components that make up the satellite's mobile and data relay payloads.

Industrial Organisation & Contractors

Prime Contractor Alenia Spazio (I)
ICDS (Integrated control and data handling system) Alenia Spazio (I) Astrium (D)
Thermal control Alenia Spazio (I)
Structure Casa (S)
Power subsystem Fiar (I)
Solar Array Fokker (NL)
SADA (Solar Array Drive Assembly) Astrium (UK)
Batteries Saft (F)
UPS (Unified Propulsion System) Fiat Avio (I)
IPS (Ion Propulsion System) Astrium (D)
-RITA (Radiofrequency Ion Thruster Assembly) Astrium (D)
-EITA (Electro-bombardment Ion Thruster Assembly) Astrium (UK)
LLM Payload Alenia Spazio (I)
SKDR Payload Alenia Spazio (I)
-IAPS (Inter-Orbit Antenna Pointing System) Alenia Spazio (I)
IOL (Inter Orbit Link) Antenna Alenia Spazio (I)
-Forward Repeater Alcatel Espace (F)
-Return Repeater Bosch Telecom (D)
TT&C Telemetry Tracking & Command Alenia Spazio (I)
System MGSE (Mechanical Ground Support Equipment) Austrian Aerospace (A)
System EGSE (Electrical Ground Support Equipment) Laben (I)
Parts Procurment TOP-REL (I)
Ground Segment ALTEL consortium (I)

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