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ESA Telecom's web-based training
ESA Telecom's web-based training
26 May 2004

A free Web-Based Training System (WBTS) has been introduced by the User Support Office (USO) of ESA Telecom. It delivers information on satellite technology and working with ESA Telecom.

This tool could be of great help for those wishing to communicate with experts outside their field of specialisation which can sometimes be confusing. With a broader knowledge of the satcom industry, communication and comprehension becomes that much easier.

Currently two training modules are available. The SATCOM Training Module offers an introduction to the fields of Satellites & Telecommunications. This module is offered at three levels of knowledge, from basic information for non-technical personnel to advanced for expert graduate engineers who need to expand their knowledge outside of their fields.

The second module, 'Working with ESA Telecom', provides advice on how to work with ESA Telecom. It includes information on ESA Telecom Initiatives, General Clauses, Contract Conditions, how to register as an ESA bidder and much more.

An online Help Centre included in the tool describes the different functionalities of the WBTS, including: a User Manual, a guided tour of the WBTS and answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

EADS Fleximage, EADS Astrium, both of France, SUPAERO/ENSAE in Toulouse France, British Telecom Exact Technologies from the UK and the International Space University (ISU) in Strasbourg France worked together to develop the system.

The WBTS is free of charge, so no special passwords or login are required.

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