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11 September 2009

A dedicated web portal for ESA’s Directorate of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications has been launched, devoted to Integrated & Telecommunications Applications.

What are Integrated and Telecommunications Applications?

ESA’s ‘Agenda 2011’ contains a key objective: “Development and Promotion of integrated applications (space & non-space) and integration of security in the European Space Policy. New concepts, new capabilities and a new culture have to be developed in order to respond to a multitude of needs from users who are not yet familiar with space systems.” The Directorate of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications is addressing this challenge through two components of its Advanced Research on Telecommunication Satellite Systems (ARTES) programme.
The Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) programme, which is ARTES 20 (user-driven applications), and the ARTES 3-4 Telecommunications Applications element (product-driven applications), are dedicated to development, implementation and pilot operations, utilising not only telecommunications satellites, but also combining the use of other types of space assets, including Earth observation, navigation and human spaceflight technologies.

A single gateway for ARTES Applications

The new portal provides a single gateway for ARTES applications, including both the new IAP – ARTES 20 programme and the existing ARTES 3-4 programme. ARTES 20 is a user-driven programme devoted to the creation and promotion of sustainable services that are based on the integration of existing space and terrestrial assets. ARTES 3-4 is an industry-driven programme focused on the development of telecommunications products and their commercialisation.

ARTES 20 - Integrated Applications Promotion

The ARTES 20 (IAP) programme is dedicated to the development, implementation and pilot operations of integrated applications that will lead to sustainable services. The goal is to provide innovative added value to services by combining different types of space assets and integrating them with existing terrestrial assets.
ARTES 20 is organised around two main elements:

  • Basic activities, which aim at generating assessing and studying ideas for projects.
  • Demonstration activities, which aim at demonstration the ideas generated in the first element.

ARTES 3-4 Applications

The ARTES 3-4 programme is dedicated to maintaining and improving the capability and competitiveness of the industry of ESA Participating States in the world satellite telecommunications market. ARTES 3-4 Applications are a key element of this programme, dedicated to the development and demonstration of satellite communications applications.

  • This element is organised around demonstration activities.

More information

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