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New TIA website
15 April 2009

The ESA Telecom For Professionals website ( has a new look. Renamed the Telecommunications and Integrated Applications website, has streamlined its navigation and updated its content to ensure website users get the information they need in an efficient manner.

Changes were made to to coincide with the decisions made regarding telecommunications activities at the November 2008 conference of ministers in charge of space activities within the 18 ESA Members States and Canada. also incorporates the change of ESA’s Telecommunications Department to a new directorate called Telecommunications and Integrated Applications (TIA).
TIA reflects the major increase in telecommunication activities in today's world and tomorrow's new perspectives opened by Public Private Partnerships between ESA, industry and operators. It also reflects the growth potential for integrated applications in fields such as security, health, energy and development.
The changes at include:

  • the reintroduction and better explanation of the Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) elements that comprise ESA’s Telecommunications Programme
  • the addition of the new ARTES elements approved at November’s minister’s conference including ARTES 7 (EDRS) and ARTES 20 (Integrated Applications Promotion)
  • the explanation of the amalgamation of ARTES 3 and ARTES 4 into ARTES 3-4 as well as the division of ARTES 5 into ARTES 5.1 and 5.2 and what these changes mean for the Satcom industry
  • easier and quicker access to the ARTES 1 and ARTES 5.1 work plans
  • easier and quicker access to the three Open Calls For Proposals issued for ARTES 3-4, ARTES 5.2 and the Newcomers’ Initiative
  • updated documents to assist in proposal preparation continues to offer:

  • news items and announcements with regards to events, projects and the latest technologies related to ESA’s telecommunication activities
  • current and upcoming Invitations to Tender for all of the ARTES elements
  • documentation and studies related to ongoing and completed ARTES projects
  • assistance in proposal submission

Companies involved in the Satcom industry and located in an ESA Member State or in Canada are encouraged to visit and register for a password. A password to gives users access to a user profile, certain documents and specific applications that are otherwise restricted. Users can also sign up to receive updates and information about the telecommunications programme via email.

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