Working with industry

In the commercial battleground of satellite telecommunications the strategy of pooling resources and ideas is a key to future success.

ESA has therefore developed a framework for working with industry on new telecommunications projects.

The objective is to improve the state of the art in technologies and services, in preparation for future operational activities.

It covers research, development and demonstration activities in the space segment, Earth segment and communications services sector of the telecommunications industry.

ESA Telecom supports industrial initiatives by contributing 50 per cent of the funding. Any proposal by industry must be supported by a business plan that demonstrates how the funded activity will be sustainable in the future.

Activities can cover any aspect of satellite communications:

  • improvement of platform and payload designs
  • optimisation of satellite configurations for new launchers
  • techniques to reduce the cost of satellite and Earth segment systems
  • development and demonstration of new applications
  • development and demonstration of Earth station technology

Last update: 20 August 2002

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