'Satcom Integration with IMS’ workshop

‘Satcom Integration with IMS’ workshop on 5 November

14 October 2009

A workshop on the integration of satellite telecommunications with next-generation networks using the Internet protocol multimedia system will take place on 5 November.

While Next Generation Networks (NGNs) were being deployed in terrestrial communication networks, ESA launched initiatives to define how satellite communication systems should integrate into these future multi-service all-Internet Protocol (IP) networks. The Internet protocol Multimedia System (IMS) forms a cornerstone of NGN as the main service delivery platform being deployed today.
Three components of ESA’s Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) programme, one ARTES 1 and two parallel ARTES 5 projects, have developed the business models, service scenarios, technical architectures and prototype implementations in order to demonstrate the benefits to the space industry and prepare industrial developments. The workshop will include final presentations of these recently completed activities, funded by ESA within the ARTES programme:

  • ARTES-1 ‘Multi-service IP next generation satellite networks’ project, Prime Contractor: Thales Alenia Space Espana (ES)
  • ARTES-5 ‘Satcom Integration with IMS-based Core Networks’ project, Project Prime Contractor: Siemens (AT)
  • ARTES-5 ‘Satcom Integration with IMS-based Core Networks’ project, Project Prime Contractor: TNO (NL)

Use cases involving a wide range of applications (consumer broadband, interactive advertisement, emergency response networks, etc) and satellite systems (DVB-RCS and Astra2Connect) will be shown. The workshop will include an invited presentation from CNES and Thales Alenia Space France about two recent activities on this topic.
ESA’s ARTES programme enables European and Canadian industry to explore, through research and development activities, innovative concepts to produce leading-edge satellite telecommunications products and services.
This workshop is being organised by ESA and is open to the public. To register, please email stephane.combes @ esa.int.

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