Watch Newtec engineers break the world record

Satellite modulator picks up Teleport Technology of the Year award

12 April 2013

Long-term ESA contractor Newtec has won an award for its latest satellite TV modulator and broken a world record with a related product still being developed.

Satcom company Newtec’s M6100 Broadcast Satellite Modulator collected the 2013 Teleport Technology Award for Excellence in Washington last month in recognition of its new-generation direct-to-home technology.

The M6100 earned the accolade by providing more efficient and adaptable ways of processing signals for digital TV broadcasting via satellite than any of its predecessors, for lower costs.

It not only increases reliability and expands bandwidth usage, but also reflects the ever-evolving nature of the telecom business by being ‘future proof’ – a platform compatible with technology that has yet to be built.

For the telecom business this is quickly becoming a necessity. Our need for data delivered by satellites is growing exponentially. During the London Olympics last summer, for example, broadcasters were obliged to provide vast amounts of content, often occurring simultaneously, and distribute it to a global audience.

Nowadays information must be processed, carried and passed on to more end-users with more accuracy and speed than ever before. For hardware to keep up with rising needs and expectations it must continue to innovate – as the M6100 shows.

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