The satcom market

Satellite communications are the mainstay of space industry: more than half of space business results from building and launching communication satellites. Satellite services and applications are the largest space sector and are a major driver of space technology and developments.

The market for satellite communications has been expanding at a substantial rate. Member States participating in ESA's ARTES telecommunications programme secured a worldwide geostationary satellite market share of around 35% between 2006 and 2011, improving significantly from 25% for 2001–2005 and less than 20% for 1990–2000. ESA's Telecommunications programme has been instrumental in achieving this remarkable result, consolidating and developing the leadership of industry and of ESA Member States.

When launchers, user terminals and specially derived services are taken into account, satcom’s market value can be approximated at €100 billion. Satellite communications and launchers have been the most important application of the space programme in Europe as well as in countries worldwide.
European industry and European telecommunication operators are at the forefront of this huge international market, thanks in part to the vision of ESA and the efforts the Agency and its Member States have put into developing new technology and satellite systems over the past three decades.

Last update: 25 April 2016

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