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Massimo Bandecchi (Head of CDF) gives the opening introduction to the Plato study
2008: New CDF ready to go
22 January 2008
Following a period of intense activity just prior to and during the Christmas break; the new CDF started the New Year by holding its first full design session on 10-01-2008.

Before the start of the Plato Study, Massimo Bandecchi introduces the features of the new CDF and explains some of the advantages over the old facility.
View of the Plato session from the front of the CDF
Although the Design Room is not quite finished, with some calibration and fine tuning of the software and hardware still to be carried out; the first session of the Plato study was carried out to the satisfaction of all concerned.
Video conference right to the desktop
The session included a video conference with the specialists of ESOC. This first trial confirmed the improvement of the video conferencing system with a better inclusion and close-up of the participants, provided by cameras at every station and the preview monitor shared between two positions.
View from the rear of the Design Room
Besides the Main Design Room, which has 32 positions, the new facility will also include the fully equipped Project Design Room and the Support Design Room which are planned to be operational very soon.
Massimo Bandecchi gives the CDF presentation to some visitors from NASA
Interest in the New CDF is very high and a number of VIPs have already been given the tour and presentation, including some representatives from NASA.
The Project Design Room is also fully functional
Following the success of the Plato first session, a small reception was held in the foyer of the new facility.

The official inauguration of all the new TEC laboratories, including the CDF is due to take place on the 8th of April.


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