Chinese Delegations Visiting CDF

Chen Qiufa (CNSA) and Jaques Dordain (ESA) entering the CDF
21 September 2011
On Friday 19 September 2011, Administrator Chen Qiufa from the China National Space Administration (CNSA) led a delegation of senior officials and space engineering directors on a fact-finding visit to ESTEC. The Chinese Ambassador to the Netherlands, Zhang Jun, was also part of the delegation.
The delegation, accompanied by Jaques Dordain, ESA Director General and Franco Ongaro, Director of ESTEC, visited the CDF where they were given a briefing on Concurrent Engineering application at ESA by Massimo Bandecchi, Head of CDF, and also viewed the study team at work on a large X-ray telescope mission design to answer fundamental physics questions.

This visit closely follows the one from the Chinese Academy of Science (CSSAR) who came to the CDF in August with specialists from the Chinese equivalent of the Concurrent Design Facility to discuss the similarities and differences between concurrent engineering approaches and team dynamics in Europe and China and to present their new facilities being built in Huairou.
Chinese Delegation in the CDF