What is the CDF?

CDF in session
CDF in session
The Concurrent Design Facility (CDF) is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with a network of computers, multimedia devices and software tools, which allows a team of experts from several disciplines to apply the concurrent engineering method to the design of future space missions. It facilitates a fast and effective interaction of all disciplines involved, ensuring consistent and high-quality results in a much shorter time.
It is primarily used to assess the technical and financial feasibility of future space missions and new spacecraft concepts (e.g. internal pre-phase A or Level-0 assessment studies) providing:
  • new mission concept assessment
  • space system trade-offs and options evaluation
  • new technology validation at system/mission level
as well as:
  • payload instrument conceptual design
  • reviews of industrial phase A studies
  • scientific requirements definition and consolidation
  • anomaly investigation
  • education and training
The Concurrent Design Facility was established at ESTEC in November 1998 within the framework of the General Studies Programme.
Last update: 31 July 2012