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Illustration of the Don Quijote Mission
VPRO "Labyrint" in the CDF
22 February 2011
Dutch TV Company VPRO were filming in the CDF on 21 February 2011 as part of programme they are making in their “Labyrint” science series. The programme is about space and is split in two parts. The first part looks at the ESA SMART-1 Moon Mission and a future Lunar Lander and Moon base and was filmed in the ESTEC Erasmus building. The second part is looking more at the technologies used in space missions, the Dutch role in these technologies, as well as the challenges involved in designing a space mission. The filming in the ESTEC CDF featured the design of the “Don Quijote” mission for the interception and deviation of an Earth orbit crossing asteroid.

The 30 minute programme titled “Labyrint” is due to be broadcast on Nederland 2 on 15 March at 21:25 hrs
VPRO Filmcrew setting-up the scene with the CDF Team


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