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12 July 2005

The following sessions will be held:
1. Legal aspects of space transportation and launching The session deals with new developments in space transportation and launching, and their legal aspects. Papers are solicited on such issues as private launch vehicles and spaceports, international and national export controls in the area of launch services, and the global playing field for launch services.
Chairs: Dr. Alvaro Azcarraga, Spain / Dr. Peter van Fenema, The Netherlands

2. Legal aspects of disaster management
The use of satellite information for disaster management purposes has been growing rapidly, but raises a number of new legal issues. Should international humanitarian laws apply, regardless of national sovereignty issues? Are there any applicable international "good Samaritan" laws? What role can the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters play? Are Remote Sensing Principles and any other relevant rules of space law applicable?
Chairs: Prof. Sergio Marchisio, Italy / Prof Juan Faraminan Gilbert, Spain

3. International cooperation in space activities, with special focus on remote sensing
This session will examine new means of multinational and bilateral space cooperation among States in different fields of space activities, such as launching, telecommunication, global positioning systems, satellite applications, industrial capacities, professional training. Papers are invited to address remote sensing programs with general and specific purposes.
Chairs: Prof. Joanne Gabrynowicz, USA / Prof. José Monserrat Filho, Brazil

4. Space law at times of armed conflict
This session will address the rules of international law (particularly space law) and specific national laws that may govern the means and methods of conducting armed conflict operations in and from outer space. This may also involve the discussion of legal rules for determining the legitimacy of threat or use of force in and from outer space.
Chairs: Prof. Ram Jakhu, Canada / Prof. Jonathan Galloway, USA

5. Other legal matters, including the relationship between government and private sector in space activities.
This session is intended to deal with any legal matters that are not directly covered by the above four sessions. In view of the overall importance of the subject, in particular papers are solicited to deal with the relationship between the public (both national and international) and private sectors in space activities, such as regarding the development of national licensing regimes, attendant liability issues and registration.
Chairs: Mr. Marco Ferrazzani, ESA / Dr. Mª del Carmen Muñoz Rodriguez, Spain.

A Scientific/Legal Roundtable with only invited papers will be held in Valencia. on “Nuclear Power Systems in space – the new reality”.
Co-chairs: Dr. Mendell and Prof. Kopal.  


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