Space Law Teaching in Europe

In view of ECSL’s mandate to improve space law research and knowledge in Europe and particularly to promote knowledge about space law, ECSL has published a Space Law booklet. This is now being updated, in close liaison with National Points of Contact, by means of a questionnaire on space law teaching in Europe. This is being sent to research centres, universities, faculties and schools interested in this topic.
Lisa Vettore - Italy
Lisa Vettore - Italy

The aim is to:

  • make known the present status of the teaching of space law within Europe including the teachers, content of programmes and results
  • facilitate exchange between faculties of law that already have a consolidated programme and share their experience with those entering in the space field or those who do not have a programme dedicated to this subject
  • assist people in their research by providing them with a list of Centres, Institutes, Universities and Faculties where space law literature can be found

Once all the questionnaires have been returned the information will be compiled into a booklet structured in three sections covering space law teaching: past, present and future.

The list of institutions contained in the directory is not exhaustive. ECSL welcomes ad and/or updated information from NPOCs, Member States and/ or institutions/universities teaching space law subjects, including space subjects involved in development on air, maritime law..etc

Additional submissions or updated information, should be sent to the following e-mail address:

Last update: 19 October 2011

 •  2nd Edition (http://download.esa.int/docs/ECSL/Space_law_teaching_in_Europe_1993_edition.pdf)
 •  3rd Edition (http://www.esa.int/esapub/ecsl/sp1285.pdf)