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Lonquimay Volcano
Lonquimay Volcano
The Andean Volcanic Belt
The Chilean Andes Mountain Range is part of the so-called "Pacific Ring of Fire". There are several active volcanoes throughout the Cordillera and Chilean regions, from Parinacota in the north to Magallanes in the south. The most active volcanoes are found in the Araucanía Region, which is located 680 km south of Santiago, the capital of Chile.
The Araucanía Region is home to the Villarrica, Lonquimay, and Llaima volcanoes. These volcanoes are active, and pose a constant threat to the natural resources and population located in the Andes Mountains.

The aim of this case study is to use satellite imagery to learn more about the Andean volcanoes in the Araucanía Region, as well as its lakes, population and vegetation.

To achieve this we have developed a framework that provides students with a general spatial overview of the Andean area. We propose three exercises that will enable students to quantify, relate and recognise the distribution of natural resources and population.

To perform the exercises you will need to download the LEOWorks image processing software which you will find in the menu on the right.

The satellite data, together with the GIS files, are included in the file, also found in the right menu.  

This case study includes:

  • a background section
  • exercises
  • You can access them by clicking on the links on the right.


    Andean Volcanic Belt
    Exercise 1: Display of satellite imagesExercise 2: Possible disastersExercise 3: Land cover and land use classification
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