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Hurricane Katrina
The track of Hurricane Katrina
 HI-RES JPEG (Size: 178 kb)
The track of Hurricane Katrina. The coloured points indicate its strength according to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane scale, which ranges from Category 1 (blue) to Category 5 (red).

Credits: ESA
Graphical model showing hurricane
 HI-RES JPEG (Size: 68 kb)
Graphical model showing a vertical cross-section of the air circulation, clouds, and precipitation associated with a hurricane

ASAR Wide Swath Mode image of Hurricane Katrina's eye
 HI-RES JPEG (Size: 41 kb)
This close-up of the ASAR Wide Swath Mode image of the area of the sea surface associated with Hurricane Katrina's eye shows a darker, smoother sea surface, due to the lack of winds at the central area of extreme low pressure.

Credits: ESA

Storm surges
Hurricane Katrina
Exercise 1: Spiraling Hurricane Katrina from cloud tops to ocean wavesExercise 2: Visualising and examining flooded areas in New Orleans caused by Hurricane Katrina
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