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Multitemporal image
Multitemporal image
Exercise 6: Multitemporal analysis
In this exercise you will create a so-called multitemporal false colour composite. In order to do this we will use band 1 of the images from 1988 and 2010.

In New RGB View, select Red band for the 1988 image, and Green band and Blue band for the 2010 image.

In the resulting image you will see red where the glaciers retreated, and cyan (green-blue mixture) where the glacier advanced.

As discussed in Exercise 3, differences in shadows also show up in red.

Study and describe the changes shown in the multitemporal image.  

1. How do these changes agree with your previous findings?

Measure some glacier length changes using the Measure Tool.

Compare the results you get to those you got from the animation, subtracted image and GIS.

2. Which of these methods (animation, subtracted image, GIS, multitemporal colour composite) do you consider the best for visualising glacier changes?

3. Which method do you think is best for measuring glacier change? Why?


Climate change and glaciers
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