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Satellite image of the Himalayan region taken by Envisat's MERIS
Satellite image of the Himalayan region taken by Envisat's MERIS instrument
Himalayan climate
The Himalayan region is an area of extreme variety in terms of weather, climate, and the resulting landscapes.
Envisat's satellite image on the left shows the distribution of different landscapes in the Himalayan region. The southern part is lush and predominantly wet, while northward the land becomes increasingly dry and bare.

There are two main reasons for the development of this south-north axis. The first of these relates to the Himalayas themselves. The high mountain range acts like a wall and obstructs the passage of the south-western Summer Monsoon. The second reason is the Summer Monsoon itself, which brings tropical storms and copious amounts of rain to the southern Himalayan region.

The case studies provided here deal with the climatic processes and the resulting weather situations and landscapes.

You will find useful information on weather and climate in general and the specific situations in the Himalayan region in the Background section.  
This case study includes:

  • a background section
  • a worksheet introduction
  • exercises

  • You can access them by clicking on the links on the right.


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