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Foehn wind
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Foehn wind
The Foehn wind
The Foehn wind
The weather in Europe often varies considerably from east to west and from north to south. There are many reasons for this. This case study focuses on how the weather is quite different north and south of the Alps.

The changing weather conditions are followed in a series of photographs shot on a flight from Rome to Copenhagen on 16 March 2000.  

This case study includes:

  • a background section
  • a worksheet introduction
  • exercises

  • You can access them by clicking on the links on the right.


    IntroductionPhotos from the planeMeteosat imagesNOAA imagesCloud filmSurface mapsJet StreamInterview with co-pilotSimulation of the
    Foehn situation
    Find other examples
    Satellite images from SareptaMETEOSAT images from EUMETSATSurface mapsInternet Weather sourceNOAAEuropean weather chartsJet StreamForecast Charts for the Jet Stream
    Cloud videoLakes of Albani and Nemi videoPlains of Po river valley and foothills of the Alps videoCloud cover south of Hanover, Germany videoDevelopment of weather systems animationInterview with co-pilotMathematical simulation of foehn
    situation, 15-16 March 2000
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