MELiSSA at Concordia

Water Treatment in the Antarctica

Did you know that Space technology is currently used in the Antarctica? While there is a continuously increasing awareness of the importance of the Antarctic Research, the 14 million square kilometers of Antarctic continent still hosts only few permanent research stations.

credits Serge Drapeau
Since the end of 2004, a new Antarctic station - Concordia- has been in operation.

The Antarctic environment is protected by International Treaties and all waste materials must be removed from the Continent, making wastewater treatment a major issue. ESA, in association with the MELiSSA experts, is developing the necessary greywater (e.g. shower water) and blackwater (e.g. toilet water) treatment units for the Concordia Station. The blackwater treatment unit is based on the technology of compartments two and three.
Last update: 22 November 2007

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