Wastewater treatment plants

Did you know that a hundred millions liters of water are treated every year with MELiSSA "BIOSTYR®"?

This is a Technology Transfer Programme success story.

BIOSTYR® is a nitrifying / denitrifying support that allows the growth and retention of a microbial population to carry out the biological decontamination of waste waters. This technology was developed for MELiSSA compartment three.
Water treatment plants all over Europe use MELiSSA expertise to clean wastewater, including installations in Rome, Paris, Lyon, and Zaragoza, to mention just a few. (See table)

The choice of bacterial support is particular important in the nitrification process and MELISSA has helped in understanding the behaviour of nitrification in biofilters. The modelling of the nitrification process has been dramatically improved.

Examples of Wastewater treatment plants in Europe using BIOSTYR®
Last update: 22 November 2007

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