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Psychoprobability - A Solidarity Application
Psychoprobability - A Solidarity Application
Subject Mathematics
Level Lower secondary
Language English
Type Games

When we think about others, we see us obliged to stop thinking about ourselves - Gandhi

Both the purpose and the essence of this contest are reflected in this introductory phrase. The purpose is to promote the solidarity among our students, not only by means of economic contributions, but get into them to frame of mind that the sum of small individual efforts can be, becomes a great collective aid. The essence of the contest "Mucho por poco" is that the students are prepared for future experiences of chance and uncertainty, motivating a reflection on probability, their beliefs and expectations for a determined decision-making process. For it, we introduce the concept psychoprobability in a game called "Mucho por poco": Each player can participate with the numbers that s/he wants from 1, contributing with 10 cents each time. The player that manages to play at smaller number and nobody more has chosen wins. The prizes were "objects of origami" built by students and parents (stars, dragons, elephants, paper bird, puzzle. . . ) and the collected money was given to charity. These details are important to promote the solidarity and not the compulsive/addition gambling. During three years we have repeated the experience showing the frequencies of the numbers in previous games.

Our challenge: Will we be able to guess the winning number of the next contest?  
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NameRafael Ramirez
Last update: 17 July 2007


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